Circularity in Australian Business Webinar

Tue 27th Feb 2024, 1:00 PM

Online Webinar - Circularity in Australian Business Report 2023 - Taking Action

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The Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub’s Circularity in Australian Business research series provides Australia's only national longitudinal study to date investigating the state of circular economy thinking within the Australian business community. The report, now in its third edition, investigates current business perceptions, knowledge and implementation of circular economy strategies and different business archetypes can engage with them.

This year’s report revealed that the confidence-knowledge gap of the circular economy is closing among Australian business leaders, the circular economy transition continues to be perceived as important for the future of business and there is a significant need for more accessible and practical information on circular economy, among other key findings. 

In this webinar, brought to you by the ACE Hub, we were joined by speakers who contributed to the report to outline the report’s focus and methodology, discuss the key findings and explore how they might help support you or your business take circular economy focused action.

The speakers for the Circularity in Australian Business webinar.

The speakers for the Circularity in Australian Business webinar.

Dr Nicole Garofano is Planet Ark’s Head of Circular Economy Development, responsible for leading the ongoing strategic development of the Australian Circular Economy Hub, and a lead author of the Circularity in Australian Business report. For almost 20 years, Nicole has worked in environmental education and action with a focus on waste management and a circular economy initiatives. Since 2021, Nicole has been the spokesperson for the ACE Hub’s work driving Australia’s circular economy transition. 

Ryan Collins is Planet Ark’s Head of Circular Economy Programs, responsible for overseeing initiatives including the Australian Circular Economy Hub, Australasian Recycling Label, Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, Recycling Near You and National Recycling Week, and a lead author of the Circularity in Australian Business report. After nearly a decade working in the banking and finance industry, Ryan was drawn to a career in environmental conservation that saw him work in diverse roles such as monitoring and evaluation, threatened species and sustainable agriculture. With a background in psychology and environmental management, Ryan’s role at Planet Ark since 2012 has focused on integrating behaviour change science into Planet Ark’s suite of programs to help individuals, businesses, government and schools transition to a circular economy.  

Claire Laws is Planet Ark’s Research Specialist. Prior to joining the team in 2021, Claire worked for almost 10 years in ecological research, working collaboratively across projects focused on threatened species management and ecosystem restoration. In her role as Research Specialist, Claire supports Planet Ark’s full suite of programs, with a particular focus on the ACE Hub and National Tree Day. Claire has a background in Environmental Science and a master's in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development. 

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