Founding Partner

Become an ACE Hub Founding Partner

The Founding Partner program identifies and engages businesses with a strong circular ambition. Our Founding Partners are change makers and forerunners, forming a coalition of the willing, who have the ambition to advance within their sectors. We aim to harness their energy through the program and give their sectors the momentum needed for a circular economy transition.

Our aim

To work with our Founding Partners to create a better and sustainable future through leadership in the Australian circular economy.

The process

The ACE Hub will develop exclusive partnerships with one leader from each major sector. We will work closely with these leaders to accelerate national change through joint research, education and innovation. The leadership and support that Founding Partners provide to the ACE Hub will be widely amplified throughout industry and government, making them the north star for circular action.

We will support the success of our Founding Partners’ own circular journeys. This is the highest level of partnership and offers full access to Planet Ark’s ACE Hub team to tailor deep benefits that focus on five key areas: 

Your impact and legacy  

  • Brand: Be recognised for leading the transition to a circular economy across  Australia

  • Innovate: Access the tools and means to expedite your own circular ambitions 

  • Communicate: Broadcast your brand and sustainability achievements to your customers and industry 

  • Influence: Act as change agents in your industry​​ 

  • Network: Collaborate, mentor, partner, innovate and exploit various R&D opportunities​​​​ 

It is our intention to support the Founding Partners in being recognised as synonymous with the transition to a circular economy​. Their impact and legacy will be central to the success of this nationally critical program. 

If you are a pioneer in your sector, then please contact us at 

Founding Partner

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