Working to identify learning needs across all disciplines

Education is a critical component of Australia's circular economy transition. Significant upskilling is required, supported by our learning institutions and professional resources, to ensure the concept is well-understood and implemented by the business and industrial community and the general public. This calls for a coordinated effort to identify training needs across all sectors, work with educators to develop teaching resources and advocate for change in educational institutions. Priority must also be given to educating the future generations of Australians who will need to embrace circular ways of thinking, living and working.

The ACE Hub is in the process of forming an Education Working Group that will bring key stakeholders from the education system, government and industry together to determine learning needs. The group will help to ensure our communities, workplaces and schools are maximising circular economy learning opportunities. As a first step, we have formed a Teacher's Community with the goal of improving circular economy education in secondary schools by:

  • Identifying and supporting teachers who are interested in teaching circular economy concepts.

  • Developing and sharing lesson plans based on circular economy concepts across multiple disciplines.

  • And embedding CE language into cross-curriculum priorities and relevant subject curriculums.


Teacher's Community

Ginnese Johnston

Science and ASPIRE Science teacher and Circular Economy Coordinator at Hillbrook Anglican School

Professor Roy Tasker

Chief Scientific Advisor

Chelsea McLean

ACE Hub Collaboration Portal Community Coordinator

Founding Partner

Official Sponsor