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August 27th, 2021

Investing for a better future, with Bank Australia.

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What if money was used as a tool to tackle the complex social and environmental challenges we currently face? This is the idea behind regenerative finance, a new financial paradigm that uses money as a means to drive positive systems change.  

Bank Australia is working to accelerate the regenerative finance movement here in Australia with impact investments that support renewable energy, conservation and affordable housing projects. The company is a customer-owned, carbon neutral, B Corporation that refuses to invest in environmentally damaging industries such as fossil fuels and live animal exports.   

In this free 45-minute session Darren Dawson, Head of Impact Finance at Bank Australia, explains the role of finance in a regenerative, circular economy and how both businesses and individuals can get involved. You will learn: 

  • What regenerative finance is, with real-world examples of projects that generate social and environmental benefits. 

  • The basics of impact investing and banking, including how to define impact values and measure impact. 

  • How you can implement the principles of regenerative finance in your own banking or investment activities, whether you are a business owner, investor or borrower.  

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Darren Dawson is the Head of Impact Finance at Bank Australia. In this role he provides banking solutions to not-for-profit and for-purpose businesses that help them achieve their objectives. Darren has worked in banking and finance for over 20 years in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He believes finance should be used to play a positive role in achieving social and environmental goals. In addition to Darren's work in finance he is on the board of the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Advocacy Network (MSCAN).  

Head here to find out more about Bank Australia's work.   

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