KPMG's Circular Advantage Course

August 13th, 2021

A collaborative online course with the potential to revolutionise how you do business.

Event Description

Circular Advantage is an intensive corporate strategy and training course run by KPMG Australia. Participants can start the course with no knowledge of the circular economy and leave with a fully-fledged strategy for implementing change in their organisation.    

If you are looking to optimise resources in your business, update your sustainability strategy or simply learn more about an increasing number of circular economy opportunities in Australia, then this course is for you.  

The 18-module course steps participants through every stage of the circular economy journey, from systems thinking and design to establishing benchmarks and preparing project plans. It is delivered online over a five-month period in a collaborative learning environment, with each week's content requiring 2-3 hours to work through. Some weeks will have breaks to allow for further work on developing projects.

Circular Advantage takes a project-based approach to learning where participants develop a circular economy strategy for their organisation alongside other corporate leaders. This structure is designed to nurture skill development, maximise innovation and eliminate competition, with steps taken to protect privacy and ensure authentic collaboration takes place.    

Circular Advantage was developed by ACE Hub Advisory Board Chair Dr Scott Valentine. Scott is Director and Senior Circular Economy Specialist at KPMG and has 30 years of international business experience in sales, advertising, marketing and business development.  

The ACE Hub is working in collaboration with KPMG to invite businesses from all around the nation to enrol in this year's Circular Advantage course. Make a commitment to becoming more circular this year by registering for the course below.

Information sessions on the KPMG Circular Advantage program will be held on June 17th and 24th. Use the below links to register:

Please ensure you have read and agreed to the following T&Cs before enrolling in the course.  

Circular Advantage T&Cs

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To learn more about the modules offered in the course visit the KPMG website.

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